Nicole saluting a city

Serendipity is a film production company that specializes in getting impactful stories told through the screen. Serendipity’s most recent project, a TV show entitled “Women of the Movement,” will be premiering via ABC and Disney on January 6, 2022.

Monarchy is a business development agency that partners with companies that are ready to level up and expand. This company accelerates businesses. Monarchy builds brands by establishing who they are, creating a solid and consistent identity, and then releasing their light into the (digital) world. Monarchy pushes companies out of their comfort zones into futures they never thought possible. Last year Monarchy 10X’d, and it is now in the Top 100 Creative Marketing Firms.

Upliffs is a wellness brand promoting health both mentally and physically. It is Upliffs’ belief that, although focusing on physical health is important, it’s equally as important to have the right mindset. Nicole teamed up with celebrity personal trainer Roger Tsen to create products that are fun, comfy, and easy to use. (And, they’ll totally Liffs your Booty.) Remember: staying fit should be SWEET! Upliffs takes your workouts from DRAB to FAB!

Uplift Art is a nonprofit that creates opportunities for artists to expand their audience, collaborate with others in their industry, and enhance their own skills. The most popular event is the Hollywood Open Mic Night. The LA community has become a family by performing side-by-side and lifting each other up. Artists of all kinds can level up their performance and marketing skills by getting in touch.

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